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21 January 2022. The work of citizen scientist, Dr. Lindsay Moore, has failed to confirm an important IPCC prediction about what will happen to the spread between maximum and minimum temperatures due to the Enhanced Greenhouse Effect. The IPCC’s position is that this spread will narrow as a result of global warming. Moore’s work focuses on the remote weather station at Giles in Western Australia and run by Australia’s peak weather monitoring body, the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM).

Moore’s article is titled, ‘Day/Night temperature spread fails to confirm IPCC prediction’ View the article on the Editor’s Column page.

06 August 2021. Just published. With the publication of two blockbuster papers by Dr. Bill Johnston today, we truly enter new territory with regard to scientific analysis of two commonly held conventional wisdoms about sea conditions in the Great Barrier Reef. The first is that sea level is rising and the second is that sea surface temperatures are rising and rising rapidly. Dr Johnston’s detailed analysis shows there is no evidence for either of these beliefs in real world data about the marine environment of the Reef. The Sea Level paper is published under the tab ‘Sea level at Townsville, GBR‘ and the Sea Surface Temperature paper is published under the tab ‘Sea surface temperature at Townsville, GBR’. They are essential reading. Be among the first people in the World to read these leading edge, ground breaking papers.

05 August 2021. Just published. Guest contributor, Richard Willoughby, presents a fascinating paper titled ‘Ocean Surface Temperature Limit’ in which he describes the maximum limit to which sea surface temperature can rise before atmospheric convection processes above the ocean warm pools take over and dissipate the heat energy high into the atmosphere. Read his paper on the Ocean Temperature Limit tab. It is truly a must read.

01 July 2021. What is the moral or legal duty of a scientist to speak out when the data doesn’t approved narrative of the scientist’s institution? The Sea Surface Temperature record at Cape Ferguson, Queensland, may be such an instance. Read our article ‘Duty of Scientists’ below the ‘Editor’s column’ tab.

20 August 2020. There is a widespread misconception that Peer Review is somehow a proof of the accuracy or truth of a scientific paper. This is not what Peer Review is and it’s not even designed to provide a proof. Read our article ‘On Peer Review’ below the ‘Editor’s column’ tab.